About Us

I have been a baker for over ten years serving hundreds of customers. I started baking at age 20 (when my metabolism was better and I could quickly burn off the cake tasting in the kitchen).  I am 31 now and life has changed considerably. I realise that I don’t always have the time to workout and be active. A lot of my schedule is consumed with mental activities and whether I like it or not, my metabolism is slowing down. But my tastebuds dont understand that. And there’s the problem. 

Bakery food has such a wonderful effect on people. There is joy in opening a box of brownies or being wowed by a birthday cake. There is joy in the anxious wait of eating dessert after a meal. There is a sense of achievement in grabbing the last cupcake off the box. Why should these moments be eluded by fears of weight gain, empty calories and a sense of restriction? I wanted those moments  to be an everyday experience for my customers. Thats how Smart Cookie was born. With an intent to provide healthy and tasty bakery products of premium quality at daily prices. Products that are made with alternates to flour, dairy and sugar. Products that make even the most health food  averse human being curious enough to give it a try.

If you like bakery food but dont like the idea of having to give it up for the sake of health, you have come to the right place. We don’t endorse “less calories”. Instead we say “smart calories”, “fuel for your body” and “nutrition on the go”. Who ever thought we would say that about a brownie or cookie?

Nithya Sunil

Founder & Chef