Gluten free

Our Cookies are crafted with a blend of almond flour and tapioca flour, offering a delicious and nutritious treat. Almond flour is rich in protein and essential vitamins, while tapioca flour is naturally gluten-free, providing a smooth texture. This combination enhances flavor and texture, making our cookies a healthier way to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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Healthy Sugars, Safe for Diabetics

SmartCookies are made with healthy sugars, ensuring they are safe for diabetics. These natural sweeteners provide a delicious taste without causing significant blood sugar spikes. Enjoy a tasty treat with peace of mind!

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Vegan and Nutrient-Dense

Made with nut milk and nut butter to ensure a delicious and nutrient-dense treat. These ingredients provide a rich, creamy texture and are packed with essential nutrients, making our cookies a healthy choice for everyone. Indulge in the yummy goodness of our vegan cookies and enjoy a snack that's both satisfying and nutritious!

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  • Delightful and Healthy!

    I recently tried Smart Cookie Foods for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. The cookies are not only delicious but also healthy, which is a rare combination. The ingredients are all natural, and you can taste the quality in every bite. These cookies have become my go-to snack for satisfying my sweet tooth without the guilt.

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  • Perfect for My Dietary Needs

    As someone with specific dietary restrictions, finding tasty snacks can be a challenge. Smart Cookie Foods has been a game-changer for me. Their gluten-free and vegan options are fantastic. The cookies are moist, flavorful, and don't taste like they're missing anything. I highly recommend them to anyone with dietary needs or preferences.

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  • Excellent Customer Service

    I had a minor issue with my order, and the customer service team at Smart Cookie Foods was amazing. They were quick to respond and resolved my issue promptly. It's refreshing to see a company that truly values its customers. The cookies are incredible, and the outstanding customer service is the cherry on top!

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  • Great for Kids and Adults Alike

    My kids and I absolutely love Smart Cookie Foods! The cookies are a hit with the entire family. They're not too sweet, just the right amount of chewiness, and come in a variety of flavors that we all enjoy. I appreciate that they're made with wholesome ingredients, so I feel good about giving them to my children. Highly recommend for families looking for a healthier snack option.

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